BREABelize River East Archaeology
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Dr. David Buck,
Aquatic Ecologist/Paleolimnologist

Dr. David Buck received his Ph.D. (2012) and M.S. (2004) in Interdisciplinary Ecology at the University of Florida. He serves as an aquatic ecologist and director for the Tropical Program at the Biodiversity Research Institute in Gorham, ME. His research interests include land use/land cover change and its impact on aquatic ecosystems, human-climate-environment interactions in tropical watersheds, and bioaccumulation of contaminants in tropical biota. His research incorporates methods in aquatic ecology, nutrient biogeochemistry and physical geography. His research is multidisciplinary and is conducted in collaboration with ecologists, geologists, anthropologists, and national and international conservation organizations. He has conducted research in Belize, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and Florida (USA). On the BREA project, David is examining human-environment interaction with regard to aquatic ecosystems within the lower reaches of the Belize Watershed where we find a range of aquatic environments, including wetlands, rivers, cenotes, and pools. He is examining the ancient Maya reliance of freshwater and near-shore fisheries and, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Florida, he is also coordinating research on paleoenvironmental climate change using faunal remains and sediment cores from ox bow lakes and other waterbodies within the Beliza Watershed.
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