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Dr. Astrid Runggaldier,
Excavations Director

Dr. Astrid Runggaldier is an affiliate assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of New Hampshire. She is the Director of Excavations for the BREA Project, for which she also conducts research on the Preclassic period, the residential components of settlements, and the small finds from excavations. In addition to working with members of the BREA Project, she also currently carries out research in the Petén region of Guatemala. Dr. Runggaldier has worked on archaeological projects in the US, Cyprus, Turkey, Guatemala and Belize, and holds a Ph.D. from Boston University where she pursued her degree in Mesoamerican archaeology with Dr. Norman Hammond. During her training she worked in Belize, first at K’axob with Patricia McAnany, and then at Cuello and La Milpa with Hammond. For her MA degree research, she directed excavations at Louisville, which resulted in the 2004 BAR publication Classic Maya Polychrome Stucco Sculptures from Louisville, Belize. Her interests in architecture from her work in Belize led her to focus on the built environment at San Bartolo, Guatemala for her subsequent PhD work on the Tigrillo Palace Complex at that site, and her current work on the residential aspects of the settlement. Her interests lie in the rise of the institution of kingship among the Maya, and the development of social complexity in early states; in holistic research on built environments, architecture studies, and household archaeology; in material culture studies, social memory, and the relationship of people and place in urban communities; and in landscape archaeology and traditional land-use practices in sub-tropical environments.
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